Reconciliation and personal freedom are of the highest value in today’s world. Governments are endeavouring to right the wrongs against First Nation communities, and people are recognising the importance of their own sovereignty.

Naz Lauriault is a social entrepreneur and advocate for those who have been rendered powerless.

She is the founder and managing director of an all womxn, strategic and creative communications agency, 50th Parallel Public Relations, specialising in working with marginalised communities and individuals. Naz has spent a decade working with over 30 Indigenous communities in Canada and much longer in professional communications for not-for-profits, thought leaders and purpose-driven businesses.

She is the host of her agency’s podcast, Parallel Purpose, which fosters open conversations on public relations issues for marginalised communities.

Her process begins with listening, taking the time to get to know people and their struggles, and never making assumptions.

From a deep understanding, the next step is to work through possible solutions; different avenues people or communities could take to improve their situation. Naz walks a fine line between leading people to change and empowering people to make their own informed decisions to own the change. She brings awareness to people’s strengths, creating the space for them to lean into skills and behaviours where they can thrive. Naz is a bridge between the struggles and desires of real people in marginalised situations, and government; breaking down complex information into understandable language for both sides.

Naz’s own personal journey with childhood domestic violence and growing up in an amalgamated cultural home has given her a unique worldview. It’s given her a relevance, and the strength and tools to first of all relate and connect with others who feel powerless and secondly to inspire and support them to take effective action to reclaim their power.

Naz Lauriault is here to make real, intentional change; to help fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.

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