Empowering the powerless.

Naz Lauriault's impassioned work partners with First Nations and marginalised communities to build a voice, to craft meaningful communication strategies both internally and externally and to create a positive social impact for the people within these communities. She and her dedicated, all womxn team at 50th Parallel Public Relations, have committed their work to giving and supporting others who have been stripped of opportunities.

My Promise:

I promise to inspire and support others to find their voice in this world.

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  • Resilience - Today’s struggle is tomorrow’s strength
  • Empathy - A deep care for people
  • Intuition - Multi-dimensional thinking
  • Protection - A stand for the powerless
  • Visionary - Visualizing the path
  • Resilience - Commitment to purpose

Mission & Purpose:

To empower those who feel they don’t have power.